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a Switzerland based freelance illustrator


About me

MA, majoring in Philosophy, Spanish Language & Literature, and Translation. 

10 years professional background as a Fashion & Beauty Editor in lifestyle magazines, as an Art Editor, and a Deputy Editor. Creating editorial illustrations while working for Publishing House. 

Working with the guidelines and also taking the time to explore and present new ideas. 

Working very fast. Always positive attitude.

Let’s quickly grasp your ideas and turn them into and illustrations which will exceeds your expectations. 

Leave message on Whatsapp: 

079 208 29 54 

3D Wooden Figure

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.”

Albert Einstein

I will draw your inner goddess,
your feminine energy

Inner Portrait

You have been dreaming of your inner woman who is the source of wisdom, love and getting troubles done? The inner which inspires others into action. I will create unique hand drawn illustration of you - capturing the qualities and essence of the power and beauty within you. Gift one for yourself or your fellow soul sisters. Boys, i will draw the lady of your life. 

Quick contact: 


+41 79 208 29 54 ( Switzerland) 

Marianna Kmetekova
Marianna Kmetekova
Inner goddess
Inner Goddess


Less is more. Elegant. A beauty that never fades.

I am not restricted to subjects but women is my domain. Working with black ink and watercolors. Here you will find all kind of Beauty, Fashion and Personalized drawings. Enjoy!


Marianna has the ability to freely and accurately capture the feminine. Her sensual drawings illuminate perfectly every text. As an ex-editor now, working for a big publishing house for more than a decade, she knows exactly the process of print and how the timing is important.

Eva Blahútová
Executive Director
of Emma, Eva and Madame Eva magazine

 The first time I got in touch with Marianna I was working for an article for Lonely Planet magazine. She draw a couple of illustrated maps for us and we were very happy with her work. It was logical then, that when I needed some illustrations for my other job - instructing Wim Hof Method, I turned to her again. She draw dozens of beautiful but most importantly precise pictures for a brochure that I was creating. Since her approach to work responsible, creative and fast during the first project, I did´t consider anyone else for my next project.

 Hana Moravčíková, editor in Lonely Planet Magazine,

instructor of Wim Hof Method

What first drew me to Marianna was her sensual style and proud visible charisma. Her capacity of dynamic, accurate yet subtle drawing skills are unique and delicate.

Noémi Kolčáková Szakállová
Artist, Professor of Art

Just received two absolutely beautiful paintings from Marianna. I looked at some portraits she had previously painted but I truly didn’t know what to expect. I was very pleasantly surprised. She definitely exceeded my expectations and I will cherish these forever! She completely displayed the likeness and even my personality. Just take a moment and look at her works...they speak for themselves. Marianna is truly a talented and gifted artist. So glad I found her!

Natália Bell 
Real Estate Agent

As a modern woman, I have to much stuff already and nothing special to desire for a birthday present, so when my friends gave me a pressie of my portrait skillfully drawn with much precision and panache by Marianna, I was over the moon with pleasure and smiles, Thanks! Everyone should have one!

Jillian Reichenbach Ott
Graphic Designer

Media Section

Updates & Interviews

Exercises for Relax Magazin.jpeg

A set of exercises for Relax Magazine/Slovakia

Salzkamergut Map.jpeg

A map of Salzkamergut Region for Lonely Planet Magazine/Czech Republic

Lula Vogeli.jpeg

Fashion Illustration for Lula Vogeli/Geneva

Evusa Blahutova.jpeg

Portrait of Editor in Chief


Send me an email. Feel free to express yourself. I speak French, Spanish, English, Slovak & Czech, Russian. 
Let’s create something beautiful together!

+41 79 208 59 24

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